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As well as considering our impact on food miles, using local providers also enhances local economy and benefits local people. We know our suppliers by name and can ask them directly what is in the food.

Not to mention having been to St Joan’s farm and met their cows in their home!
Read more about why shopping locally is so important in a Guardian article – View website

  • Shirley Hills Honey – Honey

  • East Surrey Honey – Honey – View website

  • Croydon Bakery – Bread, Rolls, Pastries – View website

  • Sanderstead Confiture – Jams

  • Great British Sauce Company – Sauces – View website

  • Rose Petals Celebrations – Sweet Cones – View website

  • Donna’s Cakes – Cakes

  • Muhsina’s Cakes – Cakes

  • Ian Little Bakery – Cakes and Pastries

  • St Joan’s Ice Cream – Ice Cream – View website

  • Owlets – Juices – View website

  • Blossom’s Buttons – Greetings Cards and Button Art Frames – View website

  • Little Treasures – Greetings Cards – View website

  • Mama Mia – Brownies and Cakes

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